Back Office Skills!

Back Office Skills!

I’m sharing this here due to popular request!

This is the “skills checklist” we give to new members of our back office team. They can bring it with them when they request raises if they want to.

Obviously, this is not going to be super useful if you are not in our particular field (orthodontics). Even if you are in this field, you will want to design a skills list that fits your unique practice, team, and office culture.

(And, yes, that banner photo is of me and my team. Our office culture is “Whoooohoooo!”)

Anyway, if this list can be in any way helpful to you, awesome! Here ya go:

For all team members:

1. Be on time every time for morning meetings and when returning from lunch.

2. Have good posture and professional, friendly body language at all times.

3. Have a professional appearance at all times.

4. Demonstrate engagement in team meetings. Look at and respond to your fellow team members when they talk in meetings.

5. Participate in at least 2 community events per year .

6. When someone says “thank you” respond with “my pleasure” and “you’re very welcome” and “happy to help”. Do not use “uh-huh” or “yep”, etc.

7. Demonstrate kindness and professionalism toward fellow team members at all times.

8. Understand that it is harder on the whole team when you are not here; do not miss work beyond the “personal day” allowance for any non-emergent reason.

9. Demonstrate flexibility for patients’ needs (working late, coming in early, working during lunch).

10. Demonstrate ability to “stay busy” and not stand around or socialize with team members during “slow” times.

Beginning Back Office Skills:

1. Be able to turn over chairs quickly.

2. Be able to run sterilization with no errors.

3. Familiarize yourself with all hand-outs and forms (oral hygiene, appliances, impacted teeth, etc).

4. Memorize primary and permanent tooth numbers and names.

5. Memorize bite classifications.

6. Be able to review the oral hygiene and appliance videos with patients/parents.

7. Obtain CPR/First Aid certification.

Intermediate Back Office Skills:

1. Be able to take excellent impressions and wax bites, pour models, and make an essix.

2. Be able to take and upload excellent pictures (must be done on a fellow staff member and shown to a doctor before taking photos on patients).

3. Know how to set up and take xrays (do not take xrays without certification)

4. Complete an intra-oral scan in less than 15 minutes (10 minutes preferred).

5. Show excellent chair-side manner and patient/parent engagement at all times. Do not congregate behind the counter or behind patient chairs.

6. Always have the patient’s records up if you have been waiting on the doctor for any amount of time.

7. Demonstrate proficiency in sterilization, chair turnover, and opening/closing the office.

8. Assist for basic wire changes and retainer checks.

Advanced Back Office Skills:

1. Demonstrate excellent skill in placing and removing all appliances (including giving instructions to patients/parents). This includes all Class II correctors and orthopedic correctors (such as RPHG).

2. Obtain x-ray certification.

3. Demonstrate ability to bond full arches quickly and competently in silver, clear, and gold brackets.

4. Demonstrate ability to debond appointments (including clear aligner and Phase 1 treatments).

5. Demonstrate ability to impress for pontics, shade match, and place/bond pontics.

6. Demonstrate competence and excellent patient care in taking “on-call” calls and “SOS” appointments.

7. Continue to show dedication to all skills and customer service actions listed above.

Have suggestions for me to add to this list? I’d love to hear them! Leave them in the comments or shoot me an email! 

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