2022 in 23 Photos

2022 in 23 Photos

This is quite belated, but I really enjoyed putting together my photo essay for 2020, so I decided it was time to do another year in review with pics.

You will see that several of these are professional-quality photos, if I do say so myself, and several look like I have never held a camera before. Most are somewhere in between. And I feel like that is a perfect representation of our life last year.

Without further ado, here is 2022 in 23 pics (24 if we count the banner, which features some of the outstanding decor from J’s preschool graduation). Enjoy!

Blurry pic 1: My husband (and easily one of the best dads on the planet) with 3 of our “triplets” latched onto his legs. This is exactly how the first part of the year went.

Me speaking on how to deal with the haters (haters gonna hate, after all) at one of my favorite conferences. This is the only photo in this post that was actually taken by a professional.

Kid at Bearizona w/ wooden bear and Valentine's day decor.
Us: “We got an annual pass to Bearizona, we’re so excited!”
Our friend Anna: “Tell me you have a bunch of small kids without telling me you have a bunch of small kids.”

Shutting the ski season down: closing weekend at Telluride!

kids with toy lightsabers fighting a kid in a dinosaur costume
Blurry Pic 2: Jurassic Park meets Star Wars when the kids get stir-crazy in the bleak midwinter.

Moody spring clouds and a rainbow over downtown Sedona.

When the weather warms up, J takes on water dragons with his squirt gun.

Last family vaca before Baby T’s due date.

Baby T at about 5 minutes old, feeling very unsure about joining the outside world.

On our first road trip after Baby T’s arrival, which was through the incredible San Juan Mountains. I apparently just took this one picture.

J taking his big brother duties seriously and making sure T’s binky doesn’t fall out.

Exploring the gulf coast of Florida.

One of my favorite shots from the whole year.

Proof that we still get around to traveling in style, even in the “tiny kids” phase of life.

At the wedding of some good friends, during sunset at the Chicago Arboretum.

Family costumes (a walrus, a lobster, a narwhal and a baby shark, in case that wasn’t obvious).

Trunk or Treat!

This picture is pretty self-explanatory.

Late fall in Tlaquepaque, Sedona

A chilly December hike near Cathedral Rock.

Southwest Christmas decor in Arizona.

Another gorgeous wedding, inside what used to be a factory on the banks of the Fox River.

Christmas Eve Candlelight Service.

And that’s a wrap! Happy 2023, all (3 months too late)!

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