Home Rehab in Progress (Before & After Pics)

Home Rehab in Progress (Before & After Pics)

As I mentioned in a recent post, we’ve been doing a lot of work on our current home, with the intention of selling it before our oldest goes to high school.

Things still on the to-do list include new exterior doors and replacement of two light fixtures in the living room (all scheduled for this month). Guest bathroom updates and new flooring are on the “maybe” list. A new heather and AC unit are being installed as I write this.

Several of you asked for more info and better pictures of what we’ve done so far, so here we go (enjoy!):

Master Bedroom

Master bedroom before: Built-in giant storage closet, two types of carpet, brown walls, and questionable drapes.
Master bedroom in progress.
Master bedroom after: Cabinet removal, drywall repair, new paint, new carpet, and blackout shades.

Baby Bedroom

Baby room before: 360-degree built-in shelving, yellow walls, and translucent doors/blinds.
Baby room in progress.
Baby room after: Shelf removal, drywall repair, new paint, new doors, and blackout shades (covered by room-darkening drapes).

Guest Bedroom

Guest bedroom before: Yellow walls, splotchy ceiling, and a rickety rainbow fan.
Guest bedroom after: new paint on walls and ceiling, new fan and (of course) blackout shades.


Kitchen before: Dark wood cabinets, dark blinds, mismatched brass hardware.
Kitchen in progress.
Kitchen after: White cabinets, brushed nickel hardware, and an ultra-quiet Bosch dishwasher (not pictured).

Family Room

Family room before: brown and yellow everything (including yellow ceiling), gaps between shelves and ceiling, large platform shelf for older model TV, track lighting (not pictured).
Family room after: track lighting removal, drywall repair, new paint on walls, ceiling, and shelves (platform shelf removed and new TV mount added), trim added at shelf/ceiling junction.

Patio and Yard

Patio/yard before: debris, tube lighting, raccoons (previous residents had been feeding them), and a broken sprinkler system.
Patio/yard after: New lights, humming bird feeder, and working sprinklers.

Stay tuned for photos of the remaining updates, as well as to find out whether all this effort and money proves to be worth it when we sell the house! ๐Ÿ˜€

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