Hi!  In case we haven’t met, I’m Dr. Peppers. I’m a distance runner, backpacker, skier, world-traveler, wife, and mom. I’m a Millennial and an extrovert, so I like talking (or writing) to people about pretty much anything. You can learn more about me right here. Through some combination of luck and hard work and thinking outside the proverbial box, I’ve managed to build a life that l absolutely love – and thus I consider myself highly successful despite not being particularly famous or important.

This brings us to one goal of this blog, which is to discuss what success means for my generation of professionals.

I’ll tell my story. Hopefully you’ll let me share some of your stories. Eventually I hope to consolidate a bunch of interesting and relevant advice, stories, and resources in this one place.

Note: I am writing a number of these posts as if my readers are also Millennials (plus or minus some years) and healthcare professionals of some sort, because that’s the world I know best. That being said, whatever your age or field of work is, you are very welcome here!

Also note: In case you’re wondering if I’m about to make a sales pitch, don’t worry. I have nothing to sell you.

Thanks for being here!  See you tomorrow!

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