Why “Doctor in Denim”?

Why “Doctor in Denim”?

As many strange ideas do, this blog name came from a random conversation I had with my brother. He was writing/editing several articles for a magazine at the time, and I was working on writing a piece about how to raise rich kids who aren’t entitled jerks.

We were talking about writing under your real name versus a “fun” name versus totally anonymously. We decided I would never make it writing anonymously because I like honesty and candor and sharing pictures of my family and friends. And we arrived at Doctor in Denim because:

  1. It’s a little different and a little weird, which makes sense since the whole idea here is to get excited about thinking differently.
  2. I wear jeans a lot, including sometimes to the office. Jeans are the best.
  3. It suggests that I am smart (which I hope is somewhat true) and also lacking in sophistication (which is for sure true).
  4. It hints at one of the themes here, which is that making good money (which tends to happen when you are a doctor unless your really mess something up) doesn’t mean you have to spend all your money on fancypants stuff (pun intended).
  5. The corresponding banner photo idea was fun, despite the fact that my oldest child complained about it the whole time and my youngest would not hold still for even a second.
  6. If it makes you imagine a nerd in a denim jumper, that’s a dead ringer for me in the 80s, so it works on several levels.
  7. The word “denim” comes from the French phrase “serge de Nîmes” which means “fabric from Nîmes” (which is a city in the Occitanie region of southern France).  So… that’s awesome, obviously.
  8. The domain name wasn’t taken.

And that’s it. Honestly I didn’t think about it very hard.

Sitting in the dirt in jeans.
Sitting in the dirt in the Champ de Mars. In jeans.
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